Dell XPS Trackpad ‘Deadzone’ Fix

Dell XPS Trackpad ‘Deadzone’ Fix.

One fairly common issue people are having with recent XPS (and Inspiron) laptops is the trackpad not being quite as responsive as they’d like and it having a noticeable deadzone when making small, precise movements. Updating Windows 10 drivers as well as ensuring you have the most recent Dell updates helps, but I still found there was a obvious deadzone.

I found by opening the Change the Mouse Pointer or Speed settings (just search for ‘pointer’ in the start menu) and enabling the Enhance Pointer Precision option, following by increasing the Pointer Speed to maximum – made the trackpad a lot more responsive.

Having changed these settings, the laptop felt much more precise and it seems to get rid of deadzone completely. It seems like I can move the cursor with almost pixel-level precision which is great and the increased pointer speed means it still feels comfortable to move around the whole screen without having to make too many big swipes on the trackpad.

Let me know if this tech tip helps you – or if you have any other tips and tricks to improve the XPS trackpads or the laptops themselves.

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