Should You Buy an Ultrawide Monitor? | Complete Guide 2016

Ultrawide Monitor Complete Guide 2016.

Ultrawide monitors are incredible, they make games and movies far more immersive and you’ll get more work done with the extra screen real-estate, making it easier to have multiple programs open at once. On a more fundamental, possibly childish level, they just look really cool and futuristic – it’s like having a monitor from Minority Report on your desk!

In this Complete Guide to Ultrawide Monitors – I discuss working and gaming on ultrawides as well as price, size, resolution, refresh rate, panel type, Freesync/G-Sync, curve and of course, which models you should look out for:

Interested in Ultrawide Monitors but not sure which to buy? Here are my Top Picks:

I hope you’ve found this guide useful. You can find links to all the monitors mentioned in this video in the YouTube description. Please like & subscribe and let me know what you think of Ultrawides in the comments below or tweet me @thetechchap.

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