Keep Safe with the Giantree Cloud IP Camera | Review

Giantree Cloud IP Camera.

What exactly is a Giantree Cloud IP Camera? Don’t worry – I’ve never heard of it either.

Basically, it’s a fancy Wi-Fi Webcam you can use for home security, to check on your baby, see what your pets get up to when you’re away or maybe even spy on your neighbours! It records up to 720p HD video and can be controlled by your iOS or Android device or online through your browser.

It’s got a wide-angle lens and can pan 320 degrees horizontally and tilt 120 degrees vertically by moving your finger around the screen in the app so you can get a good view of whatever’s going on around it. You can also pinch to zoom although it is just a digital zoom so you do lose a fair bit of quality. That’s not all though, it has a microphone and a speaker so you can use it to hear if your babies crying or maybe give whoever’s broken into your house a friendly warning to get the hell out.

It also has a motion detection feature and 12 infrared night vision LED lights so it works well even in the dark. If you’re worried that your pet might trip the motion detector you can mark specific areas, like windows and doors or perhaps your driveway or your car to focus the motion sensor on – so it doesn’t trigger and wake you up if your cat or your dog runs across its field of view. If the camera does detect motion it will send a notification to your paired phone or tablet and play an alarm sound

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