ASUS PG279Q Review

ASUS PG279Q Review.

Let me tell you why I think the ASUS PG279Q is the perfect monitor. It doesn’t just look fantastic with its super-slim bezels, sturdy build quality, built-in speakers and glowing red base. This 27”, IPS, 1440p, 165hz refresh, 4ms response, G-Sync monitor is – to put it simply – the ultimate monitor.

What more do you need? Sure Ultrawide monitors are cool but there’s still some issues around the 21:9 aspect ratio and some of you hardcore enthusiasts with your 980ti SLI setups will want 4K – but for most people, 2560 x 1440 is the resolution sweet-spot for a 109ppi-sharper-than-full-hd-but-not-quite frame-rate-destroying-4k.

This monitor doesn’t compromise on anything, the 8-bit IPS panel provides accurate colours and great viewing angles out of the box, As well as that the 165hz refresh rate and low 4ms response time is perfect for gamers. But wait what about TN monitors like the PG278Q and its 1ms responsive time – isn’t that better for gamers? Well that’s a fantastic monitor too and it’s true, hardcore gamers will want lower response times, but as I discussed in my IPS vs TN monitor video it’s actually the combination of response time and input lag that you want to look out for, and for that this PG279Q actually beat the TN model with lower, combined lag.

So, it’s perfect for work and play. Check out my full review below:

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