Best Budget Smartphone?

What’s the best smartphone for £100/$150? I put the Sony E3, Nokia 635 and Moto E (2nd Gen) to the test!

Best Budget Smartphone

Too often we obsess over the latest flagship smartphones, often costing in excess of £500/$800. However many people can’t justify spending that amount of money on just a ‘phone‘, even if the cost can be spread over a 2 year contract for example – and so we enter the realm of the ‘budget‘ smartphone.

We usually associate the word ‘budget‘ or ‘value‘ as basically being a bit rubbish. Not anymore. In 2015, even a budget smartphone is incredibly capable. All three phones I’ve put to the test offer 4G connectivity, expandable memory, 4.5″ HD screens, decent cameras and the latest (except for the Sony) software.

What this means is for a fraction (quite literally one fifth in many cases) of the price of their bigger, flagship brothers – you can get a great all round phone which represents incredible value for money.

Equipped with two Android phones and one Windows phone, I set about finding the best budget smartphone by pitting them against each other in 5 categories: design, screen & sound, performance, camera and battery.

All three phones had their strengths and weaknesses, but it was really interesting seeing just how much ‘bang for your buck’ you can get in a modern smartphone.

So this video seeks to find the best budget smartphone. It won’t focus too much on the differences between Android and Windows Phone. Which operating system the phone uses will undoubtedly be important to you – but weighing up the pros and cons of Android and Windows is a conversation for another time! I’m simply aiming to find the best smartphone I can for around £100/$150.

Watch the video below to find which phone won and which is the Tech Chaps ‘Best Budget Smartphone’.

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