Best Features of OS X El Capitan

Announced at WWDC 2015, OS X El Capitan is the next operating system from Apple for your Mac.

Cleaner Desktop

Named after a famous rock formation in the Yosemite national park and therefore implying this will be an evolutionary update rather than a full-blown new operating system, El Capitan builds on many of the features introduced in OS X Yosemite.


  • A new feature in Mission Control allows you to show all open windows with a simple swipe. You can then close or move them to a fresh new desktop space. This will help reduce busy and cluttered desktops in favour of a cleaner and better laid out work space.


  • Bookmarks in Safari are set to be improved by wait of Pin Sites, a new feature for Safari where pinning a website creates a small Favicon logo for the bookmark at the top of the browser. 


  • Split-screen desktop. Although apps like BetterSnapTool already exist for Mac, replicating the incredibly useful ‘Snap’ feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 7, we are finally getting a native Split View mode for Mac. Gone are the days of manually resizing apps and windows, now you can pick any two apps to sit side-by-side in fullscreen.


  • The Notes app has been improved across all Apple products to allow for richer content and provide better continuity between devices. Add images, video, drawings and even maps to your Notes now as well as creating interactive checklists.


  • For those of you who use the Chrome browser, you may have noticed a small speaker logo appears beside a tab that is playing sound. This is useful for finding (and no doubt closing) the offending tab. A new Mute All Tabs feature is coming to Safari which, as it says on the tin, allows you to mute a tab without having to turn down or mute the system’s volume.


  • Better performance. Developers will now be able to use the Metal development API for Macs. Introduced for iOS devices last year, Metal helps app and game developers optimise their programs. Apple claim the new graphics technology for Mac will help speed rendering by up to 50 percent.


  • Expanded Spotlight search. Pressing CMD + M or the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the desktop will soon bring up an improved Spotlight. Extra details and relevant facts will accompany your search results such as weather relating to the sports game your looking up.


  • I’m not sure how many people actually use Apple Maps, but for those who do – and for those who live in select US and Chinese cities – you can now access public transit information.


El Capitan is available to developers to download right now, while the rest of us will need to wait until later in the year to get our hands on it.



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