The Tech Chap @ The Gadget Show Live 2015

The Gadget Show Live kicked off with the trade & press day on April 7th 2015 showcasing a huge range of new and innovative gadgets and gizmos.

Equipped with a camera and a tripod – I wondered the halls of the NEC in Birmingham, England to film some of the most interesting and most unique gadgets and tech at the show.

At the Tech Chap, I normally focus on smartphones and tablets – but for the Gadget Show – I thought i’d wonder off the beaten t and show you a few products that are just a little bit different.

Interested in any of the devices featured in the video below? Check out their websites for more information:

Hope you enjoy the Tech Chap tour of the Gadget Show Live 2015 and if you do like my videos please subscribe (Also – apologies for the loud background noise!)


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