Build Your Own Computer: Intel NUC 2015 Easy Guide

Anyone can build their own computer – let me show you how to put together a new (NUC5I3RYK 2015 model) Intel NUC PC in just a few minutes!

It’s a powerful, compact and good value little computer – great for media playing, office use and even light gaming (Minecraft, anyone?).

I wanted a new All-In-One PC but rather than spending £500+,  I decided to invest in a Intel NUC5i3RYK Desktop Mini PC, buy some RAM and SSD Storage to add in, download the (free) Windows 10 Technical Preview and then simply hook it up to a spare monitor I had and there I had it – a relatively cheap, fast and capable compact PC that could be tucked away, draws only 15W of power and is almost silent!

Follow my guide below to show you exactly what you need , how to fit the components and explain why you might actually want one! You’ll be amazed how quick and easy it is.

I hope you find this video useful – I’ll be uploading a full review of the i3 and i5 NUC’s in the coming days so stay tuned for that by subscribing to my YouTube channel and following me on twitter @thetechchap

If you’re interested in buying a NUC, I have provided everything you need in the links below:

Amazon UK: NUC i3 – RAM – Storage

Amazon US: NUC i3 – RAM – Storage

Hope this helps!

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