Capture All The Action With The HEXO+ Autonomous Drone

As you finally reach the mountain summit, kayak through white water rapids or pull off a crazy backflip on your snowboard, the HEXO+ automomous drone has got your back – capturing cinematic footage of every awesome moment.

As the demand for consumer drones continues to grow, so does the need for innovation and new concepts. With countless stunt quadcopters and camera drones already available, it’s exciting so see a new wave of autonomous drones coming to market.

With over 2,300 Kickstarter backers raising more than $1.3million dollars, the HEXO+ is one of the most exciting and promising autonomous drones coming this year. Winner of numerous prizes at CES 2015, the completely hands free drone tracks your position using your phone, guaranteeing you’re always in the shot.

Simply attach a GoPro onto the drone and you have your very own autonomous camera drone. The 3D gimbal ensures the GoPro is smooth and stable during flight allowing you to capture great, high-quality footage.

Capable of auto-following and auto-filming, the 6-rotor HEXO+ can reach speeds of up to 70km/h (43mph). It’s small and light enough to carry with you too, with clip-on landing gear helping to reduce the overall size of the drone.

The free HEXO+ App available for iOS and Android allows you to order the drone to automatically take off and land. You can also switch to manual control in the app to setup specific camera shots as well as review, edit and share the footage online.

The highly anticipated HEXO+ drone is available to pre-order now for $1,349.00 from

I hope to bring you a full review of the drone as soon as possible – in the mean time here’s a trailer with the HEXO+ in action:

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