Coming Soon: LG Watch Urbane – 4K Monitors – LG G4

It has been a busy couple of weeks over here at The Tech Chap following the launch of the Apple Watch.

Fear not, technology enthusiasts – there are many more reviews, features and tests of shiny new tech coming in the next few days and weeks, these include:

LG Watch Urbane Definitive Review:

lg watch urbane


You can check out my comparison between the Urbane and the Apple Watch right here.

LG G4 Definitive Review:

I’m looking forward to thoroughly testing the follow up to one my favourite phones of 2014 – the LG G3.

4K Monitors – Everything You Need to Know:

4k monitor

Are 4K monitors all they’re cracked up to be? I’ll show you the pros and cons – including the impact on office work, gaming and what to look out for.

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There is much more to come, but please leave a comment below if there are any products you would like me to review or make a video on.


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