iPad Pro 9.7 Review – Worth the Upgrade?

iPad Pro 9.7 Review.

The iPad Pro 9.7 is the new Air 3 – but is it a worthy sequel to the Air 2 and should you buy one? This review compares the latest iPad Pro 9.7 to the Pro 12.9, Air 2 & Air.

Is the new Pro 9.7 really that much better? Find out in my video review below:

In my opinion if you own an original iPad Air or earlier – it is worth upgrading, trade in your old one and go for it. You’re benefiting not just from better performance, the display, touch ID and the cameras, but also the improved design.

However, if you’re an iPad Air 2 owner – It’s not worth the upgrade. The Air 2 is already incredibly fast and responsive, and as nice as the new less-reflective screen is, unless you really want to use the Pencil or Smart Keyboard, I think your best bet is to wait another year.

But what if you don’t own an iPad – which one should you buy? It’s tricker as I would never recommend the 16GB option on any of the earlier iPads so I’d also suggest going for slightly more expensive model which puts it on the same price level. Personally, if I didn’t own an iPad but I really wanted one – I would just bite the bullet and buy the Pro. You never know if you’ll want the accessories in the future, the speakers are great – much better than the Air 2’s and if you give the extras a miss to start with, it’s not ridiculously expensive.


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