Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review: Is Bigger Better?

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Best Part of Buying A New Phone?

The iPhone 6 Plus represents Apple’s first foray into ‘phablet’ territory. Sporting a big (but by no means ‘huge’ in 2015) 5.5″ display, the i6 Plus is one of the best smartphones you can buy – but would you want to?

It’s very expensive. It feels incredibly fragile and slippery to hold. It’s heavy (172g) and feels bigger than other 5.5″ phones (LG G3) – and yet, it’s one of the best smartphones I’ve ever used.

iPhone’s are peculiar creatures. I hate how much they cost – but I love how good they look. I hate how restrictive and boring iOS can be – but I love how it all works flawlessly.

So why would you opt for a more expensive, heavier and less portable i6 Plus over the regular i6? 5 words: Battery, Display & Optical Image Stabilisation. The 6 Plus offers a significantly longer battery life than it’s smaller brother, OIS produces smoother photos and the full HD display affords everything an unmatched, on an iPhone, level of clarity and sharpness.

It’s the ultimate package – but it does come at a sizable cost (literally and figuratively). For an £80 premium and losing (for most people) the ability to use it one-handed means you have to decide what you want more out of your phone – greater portability or a better viewing/gaming experience.

However – maybe you already know you want a big phone. Perhaps you’re an Apple user and have been anxiously awaiting your version of Android’s LG G3 or Samsung Note 4 – well this is it. The i6 Plus is one of the best smartphones I have ever reviewed. Battery life is fantastic, the camera is excellent (4:3 aspect pictures still annoy me, though) and I thoroughly enjoy every time I used touch ID to wake up the big, bright and crisp display. It’s a genuine pleasure to use and although certain elements of the design may put you off (protruding camera, I’m looking at you) – there is no doubt that this is a premium, sophisticated and brilliant smartphone. Want a big screen on a phone and you’re an Apple user? Buy it. Want the best big screen phone? It’s a tie between this and the Note 4 – see my conclusion in the video below review for more.

If you can afford it – I highly recommend the iPhone 6 Plus. For a full, in-depth review check out the video below and feel free to leave a comment. If you enjoy my videos please subscribe to my YouTube channel – it will help me to continue to bring you reviews of the latest smart devices!


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