LG G Watch R Review: Time You Got A Smartwatch?

LG G Watch R: Smart Watch Review

Who would want a watch that only lasts a day? Why would you want to talk to your wrist to send a text? What is the point in buying a Smart Watch when you can just pull your phone out of your pocket?

These are all valid questions and it will take a lot to convince people to buy what is considered by many to be a wholly unnecessary and superfluous product. Then again, didn’t we say that when the iPad was launched?

Smart watches are a new category of consumer tech. Only since 2014 have they enjoyed a wider market appeal with the help of products like the Pebble, Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. We shouldn’t be too hasty in relegating them to the pile of failed consumer tech, alongside Google Glass, 3D and (probably) curved TV’s.

I see a parallel between a struggling tablet market in 2010 and the smart watch market in 2014 – both awaiting an Apple product to give it the publicity and mass market appeal it deserves. It’s a bit different this time though. Smart Watches have been built on the hardware and software experience gained by manufacturers from years of developing more powerful, more efficient and more desirable smartphones.

Although sales are slow and the questions I posed at the start remain largely unanswered – there is a lot to like about wearing a smartwatch. This review is of the fully-circular LG G Watch R.

Running the Android Wear 5 OS, powered by a Snapdragon 400 processor and featuring a gorgeous P-OLED display – find out if the LG G Watch R has the potential to be the best smartwatch you can buy.

Watch (pun intended) my extended hands-on video review below and see whether LG have done enough to convince you to buy into a whole new category of consumer tech!

I look forward to any questions, comments or feedback you have!

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