Nexus 6 Review: Big & Bold

With a 6″ display and running stock Android – the Nexus 6 is a bold and unique device that doesn’t quite live up to it’s full potential.

It’s a love/hate thing. You either love a big screen phone that can replace your tablet and offer an awesome viewing experience for games and movies – or you hate the idea of having to use a phone with two-hands, how you always feel it in your pocket and that you may have to explain/defend the term ‘phablet‘ to your friends.

The 6″ display will immediately divide opinion and it’s certainly beyond the reach (pun sort of intended) of the mainstream smartphone market. For some though, the huge quad-HD screen will be exactly why they want to buy it.

There’s more to the story though than it’s size, and spending too long discussing ‘is it too big?’ does a disservice to an otherwise really interesting device. The Nexus brand is unique in offering a pure, stock Android experience which ensures you get the latest updates – first.

Thanks to a powerful Snapdragon 805 processor paired with 3GB of RAM, the Nexus 6 combines powerful internal hardware with a refreshingly pure and simple Android experience. This is a winning combination and is why the Nexus brand is so popular.

In addition, we get a 13 megapixel, optical image stabilised rear camera with dual-LED flash, dual front-facing speakers for stereo sound and good battery life.

As much as I want to convince you to fight through the initial ‘bloody hell, that’s huge’ impression and see the Nexus 6 for more than just it’s size, it isn’t perfect in other ways. Although I love how awesome a 6″ display is, it does significantly impact on the portability and ease-of-use of the device. Further, it’s far too dim which makes it difficult to use outdoors, and the colours have an unmistakably warm hue – producing almost yellow, whites.

A fan of ‘phablets‘ or not, the Nexus 6 is undeniably a really interesting device and has a lot to offer. For a full, in-depth review watch the video below or if you don’t have time, check out the Two Minute Tech Review which condenses the highlights of the in-depth video into a quick, two minute review.

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