Online Data Security: How to Stay Safe

Data Security.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Security? The police? A safe? A gun? Protecting our house, car and personal property in the real world is relatively straightforward, but protecting our data online isn’t so easy.

If you’re walking home at night, you probably know which roads and neighbourhoods to avoid. But when you’re browsing online, how do you know which websites are safe and secure – and which ones could potentially steal your data?

What’s the Risk?

Data Security
Data loss, identify theft and online fraud are all growing concerns for many of us. Just last month I was the victim of fraud as I entered my card details into what I thought was a legitimate, online retailer. It turns out I should have been more careful, there was a reason that smartphone was so cheap.
It’s easy for criminals to replicate security logos, create fake reviews and with the help of a slick looking website, lure us into a false sense of security.

Brand confidence.

We have confidence in big brands like Google, Amazon and eBay. We search, browse and shop on a daily basis with these internet giants, but what about other websites – how can we be sure they’re trustworthy and secure?

The cyber-security team at consider data security a top priority. Online casino games and gambling is a huge industry and unscrupulous websites which put our data at risk, threaten consumer confidence in legitimate sites, like who work hard to ensure your data and bank details are protected.

How can we stay safe?

A common sense approach to online security is the best way to protect ourselves. Do a little research into the website before signing up or entering bank details, don’t use the same password for every website and be wary of sites that offer ‘too good to be true’ deals.

Be wary of what you download too, as viruses and malware can infect your PC and steal your passwords and personal information. Regularly check for updates whether you’re using smartphone, tablet or PC as these often include security patches.
It’s also worth making sure you have anti-virus software installed to help keep your data safe.

Data security

Don’t be afraid.

The internet is an incredible tool for learning, shopping and gaming. Don’t be afraid to explore and try new websites, just remember to do a little research and keep your wits about you.

Good luck and happy surfing!

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