Quantum Dot Explained – Samsung QLED TV 2017


Samsung QLED Launch

There’s been a lot of hype around Samsung’s new QLED TVs which use Quantum Dot technology. First unveiled at CES, Samsung invited the press, including myself, to the  Carrousel du Louvre in Paris for the global launch of their new televisions.

Samsung QLED TV

Q Style

The Louvre venue offered a not-so-subtle clue that style and design are a big focus for Samsung this year. The new Q7, Q8 and Q9 series of QLED TVs all come with a new ‘invisible’ (translucent) optical cable that plugs into their new One Connect box. Plug in your games consoles, blu-ray players and other AV equipment into the box, then you just need the one invisible cable to connect to the TV. This makes it much easier to hide away all your ugly cables and set-top boxes so you can have a cleaner and more modern looking living room.

Samsung also introduced a new no gap wall-mount which, as it says on the tin, allows you to wall-mount your new QLED with almost no gap, so it can sit almost flush against any wall.


Q Picture

As elegant as the new TVs look, for me it’s all about the picture quality. Using quantum dot, Samsung is able to make QLED TVs that produce up to 2000 nits of brightness; that’s around twice the brightness of last year’s models.

This brightness means the new 4K HDR QLED TVs have 100% colour volume which is the range of colours the human eye can see. Until now, no TV has been bright enough to offer the full range of colours, tones and hues that the human eye can see.

OLED TVs may still have the upper hand when it comes to dark scenes and offering inky blacks, but for everything else from brightness and colour accuracy to response times and viewing angles – Samsung’s QLED technology is way out in front.

In a word, they look fantastic. Colours are rich and vibrant, while also covering 99% coverage of the DCI-P3 colour gamut which means the TVs are colour accurate enough for professionals to edit photos and videos on.


Q Smart

The 2017 QLED range also come with a new, unified user interface that combined with the new One Remote controller, is incredibly responsive and easy to navigate.

Voice control is also supported, or if you prefer to switch channels or change inputs via your smartphone, you can download the new app for free.


The 2017 QLED televisions will be shipping in the UK in April. Stay tuned to The Tech Chap for more news and reviews.

For more information on QLED TV, visit http://www.samsung.com/global/tv/


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