Sky Terminating Dedicated 3D Channel in June

Sky has announced they will be taking their channel dedicated to the third-dimension, Sky 3D – off the air in June.

It’s another blow for 3D following Sky’s plans not to broadcast any future football matches in the controversial format, a poignant decision considering their first ever 3D broadcast was of a Premier League match between Manchester United and Chelsea – over 5 years ago.

sky 3d
Your 3D experience may vary.


Sky’s announcement echoes the plans of the BBC, who in 2013 announced they would put all future 3D programming on hold indefinitely.

Not to worry though, loyal Sky subscribers. The Sky 3D content will simply be redistributed to their on-demand service so you can still watch all those classic 3D films you know and love (Avatar, anyone?)

It’s easy to poke fun at 3D with the benefit of hindsight, but there is still genuinely great content to be found in three dimensions – including Guardians of the Galaxy, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and award winning documentaries such as Flying Monsters from Sir David Attenborough – all available on Sky 3D on-demand.

It’s worth remembering that although TV broadcasters are moving away from the format, movie studios are still continuing to produce 3D films as higher ticket prices and the recent success of animated kids’ films ensure there is a continued demand for the 3D titles at the cinema.

Hopefully, as consumers and broadcasters nonchalantly walk away from the 3D format, they’ll invest more in other televisual innovations including expanding on-demand services, 4K resolution and maybe even High-Dynamic Range (HDR) programming.

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