Tutorial: Turn Spare Hard Drives Into Portable USB 3 ‘Passport’ Drives

If you have upgraded your PS3/PS4/laptop hard drive in the past (perhaps you put a bigger size in or invested in an SSHD/SSD), you may have a spare one of these!

Hard Drive
2.5″ Hard Drive

If you do, don’t throw it away or let it sit in a drawer – put it in an enclosure and for a around £10/$15 and turn it into a fast and portable USB 3 ‘passport’ drive – ideal for transferring files and backing up your data.

Anyone can do this, it takes 5 minutes,  is extremely easy and can be used in any laptop or desktop (Mac or Windows). It’s simply a case of buying an ‘Enclosure’ case like this one

USB Enclosure
2.5 Inch USB 3.0 Hard Drive Disk HDD External Enclosure Case (Other great brands are ORICO, Digiflex and Anker)


…slotting your hard drive into it, plugging it into your laptop or desktop and formatting it. It’s so easy and simple. I’m using mine as a backup for all my work and files.

For a video walk-through take a look at my video below:

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